How Much Does Home Air Filter Replacement Cost?

Air filters are essential components of an air system, keeping your home smelling fresh, clean, and safe to breathe. The filters you use vary and change to fit your home and the needs of your air systems. Professional services may come with a cost, but there are ways to keep your finances in mind while still ensuring quality. Pleated fiberglass filters provide more efficient filtration than flat filters and have a similar size.

Furnace filters generally need to be changed more frequently during periods when the HVAC system is most used. Flat filter designs offer the most upfront savings, but they need to be replaced more often and can cost you more in the long run. Bypass filters draw some of the air from the downstream return air duct and reintroduce it into the return air duct near the oven after passing through the filter. MERV ratings range from 2 to 16 for filters in the air stream, with a higher rating meaning that the filter can remove more particles.

Changing the HVAC filter is usually as simple as opening the filter area, taking out the old filter, and replacing it with a new one. Standard flat filters are made of fiberglass and are the most common type of filter for furnaces in Canada. Cabin air filters are important for you and your vehicle, and they're very affordable if you know where to look (and where to avoid). The filter frame will have information including the brand, dimensions of the filter, MERV rating, and possibly even the part number.

Without an air cleaner, all dust, dirt, hazard and other particles would pass into the blower motor chamber from the return duct and settle on the fan motor. Behind the glove box is a panel held in place by pins or hooks which is removed to access the cabin air filter.

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