Does an Air Filter Really Matter for Your Home?

At its core, an air filter is designed to remove impurities such as dust, pet dander, and even bacteria from the air that flows through your HVAC system. Not only does this improve the air quality inside your home, but it also protects your HVAC system from potential damage. When selecting a filter, it's important to check the MERV rating.


, or Minimum Efficiency Report Value, tells you how well a filter can capture contaminants.

If the MERV rating is too high, your HVAC will need to work harder to produce efficient airflow. For instance, hospitals use filters with a rating of 16, but that's not necessary for your home environment and using a filter with such a high rating will increase your energy costs. Unfortunately, filters often become low priority due to a misunderstanding of what they actually do. Standard HVAC filters are not designed to purify the air you breathe.

Of course, the filter traps some dust that is absorbed in the ducts. But most filters aren't fine enough to trap pollen, dander, particles, and other allergens. If you can find a reusable filter that captures the types of contaminants you need to filter for your family, then you could pay more money upfront but ultimately save money in the long run. By using small cotton and paper fibers, electrostatic filters create static electricity that acts as a magnet for dust and other airborne particles. While they can effectively filter dust and other airborne contaminants, they provide low air filtration and are less resistant to airflow.

If you really want to clean the air as it flows through your HVAC system, you should consider installing a whole-house air purifier or ultraviolet light that goes inside your HVAC unit. These filters will protect your HVAC unit from dust and dirt that could damage it while allowing air to flow freely. If you neglected to change the AC filter for some time, there is a good chance that a lot of dust will accumulate inside the ducts. One of the best types of AC filters is disposable fiberglass because it's cost-effective and protects air conditioners and ovens from dirt. The experts at David Gray Heating & Air have extensive experience and knowledge to help you with your air filtering needs. While certain types of air filters come with reusable and disposable options, washable filters are an eco-friendly way to save money.

MERV stands for Minimum Efficiency Report Value and is a measure of how well a filter removes particles from the air. When it comes to the health and comfort of your family, friends, and other guests, it's a good idea to get the most efficient air filter you can afford. However, contrary to these warnings, there is a mountain of owners' testimonies that MERV filters 11, 12 and even 13 have worked well in their systems for years. No filter is universal so it's important to make sure the filter you buy is the right size to fit your HVAC system. If you can't find Nordic Pure in your size or if you prefer to buy and buy a new filter in a store right away, Honeywell's FPR 9 filters and Filtrete's MPR 1500 filters are similar and widely available in retail stores.

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